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    "Scott's Web Site Pinger" - Scott DeSapio © 2010. All Rights Reserved.

    What does "Scott's Web Site Pinger" do?

    "Scott's Web Site Pinger" is a simple on-demand web site status pinger. While "Scott's Pinger" can be considered a quick means of acquiring web site status, it should NOT be considered a full fledged web site monitoring service as no status notifictions are sent in the event your web site is down.

    When would I use "Scott's Pinger?"

    You're at the airport, you want to check on your site's response time - use "Scott's Web Site Pinger." You're in the bathroom, you get a funny feeling one of your sites is down - use "Scott's Web Site Pinger." You're in your car, on the highway, weaving in and out of traffic like a madman, DO NOT use "Scott's Web Site Pinger."

    What does the "Warning Threshold" setting do?

    The Warning Threshold setting indicates when your monitor should display a red indicator. EXAMPLE: The Warning Threshold is set to 500ms; a site's response time clocks in at 536ms, its associated indicator will we highlighted as 536ms.

    What does the "Timeout" setting do?

    The Timeout setting indicates when your monitor should display a FAILED red indicator. EXAMPLE: The Timeout is set to 5000ms; a site's response time clocks in above 5000ms, its associated indicator will we highlighted as FAILED.

    What does the "Ping Refresh" setting do?

    The Ping Refresh setting indicates how long the monitor should wait between cycles. EXAMPLE: The Ping Refresh is set to 30 seconds; the monitor list will automatically recycle in 30 seconds.

    What exactly does the Monitor's MS time represent?

    The milliseconds displayed in the monitor represent how long it took to download the complete html document from the source URL.

    How can I make "Scott's Pinger" use less bandwidth?

    Add an empty file named pinger.js (or similar) to the root of your server. Use the path to this file as your URL in your "Scott's Pinger" sites list.

    Where can I leave feedback?

    To leave positive feedback, go to For negative feedback, send a self addressed stamped envelope with your feedback to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

    Is "Scott's Pinger" free?

    "Scott's Pinger" is not free. "Freeware" does not mean free. "Freeware" simply means the software is fully functional and can be used without limitation. If you like "Scott's Pinger" and find it to be of use, you are expected to pay $.99.

    Will the software continue to work if I don't pay?

    Yes. "Scott's Pinger" will continue to work indefinitely whether you pay for it or not.

    How will you know if I paid for it?

    I won't. It's called the honor system.

    If you won't know, why should I pay?

    Because you're a person of integrity governing yourself with honor at your foundation.

    Will the ads be removed if I pay the $.99?

    No. I make money when the ads are clicked. The ad clicks are the sole source of recurring revenue. Someone needs to pay the bills and keep the lights on. That would be me.

    What happens if I pay the $.99 and you go out of business?

    You're out $.99.

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